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Shanna MacNeill is a Calgary based equestrian professional with over 25 years of involvement in the horse industry. Also an Equine Canada and NCCP certified coach, Shanna has had notable experience and competitive successes to contribute to her ongoing development as a horse person.

Always a devoted student of the horse, Shanna is deeply grateful for the opportunities she has encountered to acquire above-standard knowledge and practical experience in equine care, management, behavioral studies, and education of horse and rider. While coordinating her multi-discipline equestrian training and coaching business, Shanna is also co-founder, co-owner and a learning facilitator for Accord Equestrian Academy. She additionally volunteers time and efforts to the Alberta Dressage Association, for whom she is currently Vice President and in a developing role as Education Fund Director.

Through Accord Equestrian Academy, as well as continuous private studies in equine research, riding and coaching, Shanna aspires to promote a more common thoughtful and educated approach to horsemanship, and ultimately equestrian sport.  This begins with sharing correct practical knowledge of the nature of the horse, as well as an honest assessment of our own (human) nature; only then can a mutually respectful, rewarding, and truly successful relationship between equine and equestrian exist.

With a firm belief that we all owe the best understanding intentions and actions to our horses, Shanna is driven and committed to furthering her own education while assisting others in their quest for comprehension, and enjoyment, within a high standard of horsemanship practice.

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Photo by: Colleen Elliot

Trish Tweddell is the owner and trainer at Eckwood Equine and is a co-founder, co-owner and learning facilitator at the Accord Equestrian Academy. She has started over 50 young horses for both breeders and individuals.

Through Accord Equestrian seminars, personal training and coaching, Trish is dedicated to helping students and horses build a solid foundation and continue on to higher training. Programs focus on setting goals and measuring progress towards those goals.

Trish is continually learning and inspired by each horse that she works with. She takes an openminded approach to solving problems and is astute to modify training techniques to achieve goals. She is thoughtful and strives to communicate effectively with both horse and rider.

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