About The Academy

Shanna MacNeill
Trish Tweddell

Articles and blog posts (The Odyssey) by Accord Equestrian Academy will encourage you to be your horses partner and most influential teacher. Each of us embark on a journey with our horses that is individual and personal. Accord will provide you with the support necessary to set goals and achieve them with your horse in a disciplined, but fair and relaxed atmosphere. The undivided well being of the horse is paramount. Resourceful blogs will be dynamic and thoughtful that focus on the “how” and the “why” in horse training regardless of discipline.

Instruction and guidance will be offered and open discussions will be encouraged. You will gain knowledge in what it means, and what it takes, to be your horses companion and key trainer. Guide your horse to willingly perform as your dance partner and your teammate. Fundamental equine care and management as well as various training methods will be discussed.

At the heart of Accord Equestrian Academy the nature of horse is respected. Our focus is on training practises that foster respect and fair treatment of the horse through clear consistent training methodologies.  The achievement of goals, whether on the trail or competition arena, is a result of the thoughtful and fair approach to educating your horse.