Accord Equestrian Academy Philosophy

A thoughtful and intellectual approach to training horses is sustainable, and should be enjoyable and available to all who seek it.  Ethical fact based training accounts for the nature and biomechanics of the horse, how they learn, and in turn contributes to training experiences that are positive for everyone involved.  

Accord Equestrian Academy is based on the philosophy that an education system, in this case specifically an equestrian education, should encourage us to think and to question, and should cultivate an open minded approach to learning.

Shanna and Trish have developed a friendship that is based on mutual respect and a love of horses.  We have spent many an hour discussing equestrianism with all of its nuances, and out of this Accord Equestrian Academy came to be.  Support, collaboration and encouragement are words that easily describe our relationship.  Our discussions have inspired us both to question and modify training practises for the betterment of ourselves and our horses.  Our aim is to present an alternative and effective approach to achieving training goals with your horse.

We find controversy in the equestrian world where we are often pushed to select a specific training method and subscribe to only one way.  Accord is about presenting more ways that we can enjoy companionship with our horses, to acknowledge differences between training modalities whether for recreation or competitive sport, and to feel supported in choosing our own path to fulfilment with our equine partners.  Acknowledgement of differences, with respect of intellectual freedom, unifies equestrian disciplines.  There is a vast world beyond the competition arena where people can enrich their experiences with their horses, and that, as a consequence, only enhances the competitive experience for those who partake.

We realized that it was important to create an open and thoughtful learning atmosphere that is supportive, where questions can be asked and topics discussed without criticism or judgment.  

We must remember that what connects us is our love of the horse.