Welcome to The Odyssey

At the heart of Accord Equestrian Academy is a unified passion for horses.  Centring our ambition for equestrian excellence is the dedication to maintaining ourselves as well educated, ethical horse people.    

Horses do not choose their lives with us, we choose it for them, and with that comes a great responsibility to be knowledgeable about, and respectful of, their inherent nature.  Our equine partners selflessly contribute to our human wants and desires.  They do not dream of red ribbons, prize money or flattering accolades.  They are honest, without ego, and have the need only to survive, undisturbed, in the world.  In order to be successful in our equestrian endeavours we must first be empowered to take responsibility for our equine education, set our self-importance aside, and attempt to see things from the horses perspective.

Tranquil sentient beings, horses have evolved over millions of years to possess highly sophisticated senses and communicative social proficiency that serve to keep them, as individuals and as a herd, in peaceful coexistence with other species.  It is this delicate balance of sensitivity, intelligence, and the inclination to form bonds with trusted companions that make the relationship between horse and human so special. 

To best care for our horses and honour them as they deserve, it is a lifestyle that need be embraced by each one of as individuals, as well as in collaboration to uphold a high standard of horsemanship as a community.  

At Accord Equestrian we have a mission to encourage all horse people, regardless of recreation or sport, to set out on the quest with us to create a future where the most educated and thoughtful approach to everything equestrian is principle.

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