Franklin Method Equestrian First Time in Canada


Accord Equestrian Academy was pleased to host the very first Franklin Method Equestrian event in Canada! We welcomed Level III Franklin Method® Educator and Franklin Method Equestrian Educator, Alysen Starko-Bowes, to facilitate a great introductory workshop for riders.

Attendees were treated to an intimate learning opportunity in a pristine environment, beautiful weather, and great company hosted at Eckwood Equine in Olds.

The morning group session included an introduction to the Franklin Method, pelvic anatomy and biomechanics discussion, and a guided imagery-based exploration of several proprioception enhancing exercises.

Afternoon mounted sessions gave riders a chance to practice their new skills in the saddle. Everyone had some valuable one on one time with Alysen to help them develop positive brain-to-body communication skills, as well as independent time to practice in the arena, thus lending to greater harmony with their horses.

Thank You to all who joined us for the day, and to Alysen for facilitating a friendly and enlightening introduction to the Franklin Method for Equestrians!